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An integrated design service to help you see your projects come to life, in a cost effective manner.


How it works

At Tango Studio, we are not just visualization artists; we are, primarily, designers and problem solvers. Following this work philosophy, we created Visual+; an integrated design service to help you see your projects come to life. Our team is capable to jump in at any stage of the design process to fill in the gaps when needed, taking your concepts and ideas and transforming them into a finished product, including both architecture and stunning visuals.

The process is quite simple, it works like we are just an extension of your main team. We will be keeping you up to date on a daily basis and you can keep track of the progress we've been doing on our Miró board.

For a more detailed breakdown of our Visual+ process, check out our portfolio.

"Wow" factor!

We created this

library with DIALOG!


Facade composition


Expand your team

We are revolutionizing how modern architecture studios work and operate. 


We live in a new post-pandemic era, which shows us that new ways of collaborating are possible, that were unthinkable years ago. Tools like Zoom and Google Meet have allowed studios around the world to reach levels of productivity never seen before, connecting people from different parts of the globe in an instant.

This is where we come in, offering you, as our client, the possibility of expanding your team remotely. The important thing is that we do not take away control of your project, we simply help you make it a reality. We will maintain constant communication with you, via email or video call, on a weekly or daily basis—depending on the intensity of the work to be done—being open to your feedback and comments. Our ultimate goal is to help you reach your deadline with a high-end result, including both architecture and visualization.

How it works
  • Okay... so what is Visual+?
    It is mainly an architecture design service that allows you to expand your team when you need to do so, in a very cost effective manner. We will take care of specific parts of the design that your team is too busy to handle themselves. You don't have to formally hire any member of our team; we operate as consultants, and when the work is done, we are out of the picture. You don't have to drop our name in any of your social media publications if you don't want to. The work done is yours and yours only.
  • I'm not sure if I need Visual+ services, could you help me decide?
    Yes! We are not going to offer you anything that you don't need. That's simply not who we are, and it is definetly not the way we work. Let's chat and discuss what your specific needs are.
  • So what's the price for Visual+ services?
    Simply put, it depends. We charge Visual+ services on an hourly rate, but we take into consideration how many members of our team you'll be needing and how much hours of work per day you'll require. Usually after a virtual meeting we can asses the price and we will send you a quote.
  • Can I give you feedback throughout the process?
    Of course! And we encourage you to do so. We will maintain weekly or even daily virtual meetings with you and your team, if required. Your feedback is the most important tool that we need to do our job!
  • Does the Visual+ service include images for my project?
    Usually, it does! And if you need them, they're included in the hourly rate that you would be paying us to help you design your project.
  • I just need some cool images for my project, can I hire you guys just for that?
    Sure thing! We produce architectural images on a daily basis. Feel free to hit us up at our email at any time and we will make you a quote.
Concept Art.png

Interior design by us!

We designed

these greenhouses!

We crafted this entire

public space for BNA!


It doesn't matter if you lead a giant firm or a small architecture studio. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes!

"The team at Tango have been important design collaborators with us on three large projects so far. They are highly talented designers who bring curiosity and exuberance to our workflow: they are always eager to test options and push limits to make our projects stronger. Our results with Tango Studio have been outstanding and we look forward to our next collaboration." — Martin Baron, BNA

"Tango Studio caught our attention when we were searching for a rendering specialist early this year for our one-million-sq. ft. corporate headquarter project. With such a large scale international competition and extremely tight time frame during COVID-19 lockdown, we were facing multiple challenges. Tango Studio followed our direction every step of the way and produced impressive images on time and on budget. We found them talented, easy to work with and valued their positive comments. I have no hesitancy in recommending Tango Studio." — Michael H.K. Wong, MHWK Architects

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